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Family Visa

We provide Family Visa to those who want to get settled down in Overseas

Countries. We know how important is your family for you.

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Family Visa

Now there are no issues for people, who are shifting to another country with their family to live, work, study. Because there is one provision that will help to stay in another country with the help of Family Visa. Taking all the situations in mind RKGlobal Visa group has configured the family visa service.

Family Visa provides permission to live and migrate from one country to another with all your family members. If one member of the family is staying in a certain country then it enables the rest of the family members to migrate to that country as well. There is a right to live a family together. The family visa service takes care of all the laws of migration.


Spousal migration is another option of family reunification or migration via marriage, where one spouse migrates to the country of another spouse. Family visa helps people to live with family and loved ones to join their relatives abroad.

If the applicant’s relatives hold a permanent residency or citizenship status, all they need is a sponsorship letter from their relative/blood relative to file the application besides other requirements to be met.