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RK Global Visa Consultants is dedicated to offering professional and unparalleled visa solutions and consultancy services. Since its establishment, RKGVC has been committed to providing prompt and hassle-free guidance and services to talented overseas visa and job aspirants across various categories, including skilled, investor, visitor, and business visas.


Operated by a proficient team of professionals specializing in visa and immigration services, RKGVC upholds its commitment to delivering accurate and relevant visa solutions. All professionals are required to stay consistently informed about the latest industry developments to ensure compliance. The company maintains a zero-tolerance policy for anything less than teamwork and efficient coordination among professionals, prioritizing total customer satisfaction.


Our Mission

“At our immigration consultancy firm, we are driven by a mission to empower individuals with seamless access to global opportunities. Our dedicated team of professionals strives to offer transparent, timely, and reliable solutions, ensuring the fulfilment of diverse aspirations, from skilled professionals to investors and visitors.

By staying abreast of evolving immigration regulations and fostering a culture of client-centric collaboration, our mission is to be the trusted companion on every client’s journey toward a brighter future in a new land.”


I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to RK Global Visa Consultants, an immigration and overseas education firm dedicated to the well-being of students and professionals.


In today’s highly competitive world, career goals hold significant importance for professionals aspiring to migrate. Overseas countries present vast opportunities in specialized areas for individuals seeking a distinguished career and an enhanced quality of life. At RK Global Consultants, we serve as facilitators, guiding professionals towards a quality life and successful career abroad. Our role is to act as a medium, providing the necessary push for individuals to achieve their true destiny of settling abroad.


RK Global Visa Consultants distinguishes itself as a trustworthy partner in your pursuit of fulfilling dreams. We aim to assist you through challenges and offer unwavering support for your sincere efforts to thrive in this highly competitive world.


On behalf of RK Global Visa Consultants, I extend the promise of the best service and career guidance as you contemplate voluntary immigration and professional studies overseas. Our team is committed to assisting you at every step, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process from your initial visit to our office until you arrive in your chosen country for Permanent Residency or education.


It brings me great joy to welcome you to our group. At RK Global Visa Consultants, we have developed a flexible system tailored to your needs and preferences. Our qualified staff is equipped to address any needs and overcome challenges. Our overseas offices in Canada and Australia will support you with post-landing services, from obtaining a Social Insurance Number (SIN) to a PR Card. Additionally, strategic alliances with various organizations and agencies will aid in securing employment after your arrival in Canada or Australia.


I assure you that RK Global Visa Consultants is committed to partnering with you to achieve your personal and professional goals, providing optimal solutions with minimal cost and time. Our professional approach ensures a stress-free realization of your goals, be it a great qualification, career, or life ahead at Impel.


Ravikumar Chadha
RK Global Visa Consultants

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